Advertising Manager


We're looking for an experienced and talented direct response Advertising Manager to manage our display advertising campaigns on Google AdWords. We are only considering candidates who have previous experience successfully managing large-scale direct response banner or video advertising campaigns.

To excel at this job you'll need to be hard working, ambitious, analytical, able to work independently, and comfortable in a fast-paced environment. The best applicants will have a deep understanding of fitness and or fitness marketing online. A top applicant will also be already comfortable with budgets exceeding $250,000 per month and aggressive ROI goals.

About Our Company
My name's Mike. I'm the COO Six Pack Shortcuts. We're a fast-growing fitness company that helps people get in shape with workout courses and supplements. We're best known for our YouTube channels, where we have over 3.6 million subscribers on our main channel. As a matter of fact, according to Google, SixPack Shortcuts is the second most influential Brand Channel on YouTube, worldwide. Read about it here:

Feel free to check out our YouTube channels here:

Or our main marketing websites:
Information Products ( we are currently rebranding this as Feminine Fitness)


Job Responsibilities
Independently manage our Google Adwords display, video and search campaigns. Your goal is solid ROI and creativity to scale up quickly. This is where fitness knowledge comes in very handy!
Your main responsibility will be to generate a direct response profit from display campaigns. However, if you can manage our search campaigns as well this will be a plus.
Manage our full time copywriter and graphic designers to create any needed landing pages to run successful campaigns.
Work directly with our Google representatives and other key contacts. Google is in our office at least once per quarter with some new and exciting advertising opportunities or ideas that we need implemented quickly.
We've got a great reputation with Google. As a matter of fact unless you've worked FOR Google you probably haven't had a relationship with them like we do. Come talk to us and you'll see what we've got going on. It's pretty exciting.
Work directly with the CMO and co-owner to create a robust search advertising strategy that encompasses search and display.

Qualifications You Need
Minimum of two years successful experience managing Adwords or Yahoo/Bing direct response display advertising accounts with budgets exceeding $100,000 per month. I am not looking for someone who believes they are capable of handling a workload like this based off of their experience managing smaller accounts. We need someone who already has successful experience with direct response advertising so any branding or non-direct response advertising experience will not be considered.

You've already killed it at your current position and are looking to apply that experience on a larger scale.

Qualifications we'd like to see in a successful applicant

Google Adwords certification

Previous experience managing search advertising campaigns is a plus.

Previous experience with SEO is a plus but not a necessity.

Previous successful experience as a manager is a plus. The goal here is to find an individual who is capable of becoming our Advertising Director. We don't hire so that you can stagnate in the same position. We will be heavily invested in YOUR growth.

The Type Of Person We're Looking For
Understanding of personal fitness and or the fitness industry is not required but will help tremendously. Previous (or current) marketing experience in fitness or nutraceutical marketing, or general health would be a great boon for any successful applicant. We exploit niches while growing our footprint across ALL of fitness.
Will work and produce results independently. We'll be there to help with direction but we cannot be there to teach you from the ground up.
You must be comfortable working in a fast-paced, hard charging, fast-growing startup environment.
You must be data-driven and analytical person. You've read this far in. You understand why this is important to the role.
Possess strong marketing creativity with the ability to write ad copy and direct landing page creation.
Be ambitious and eager to learn about the company and it's products. Remember our vision for you in this role is to mold you into our Online Advertising Director.

How You'll Be Working
You'll be working in our company offices in North Austin. You must live near Austin or be willing to relocate to be considered for this position. We are not looking for a part time telecommuter who can be in the office a few hours a day. We want someone who is in for a full time on site position. You will work 8 hours per day in our office between 9 AM and 9 PM. We are flexible on the times you are in the office after your first thirty days on board with us.
Your first month will be a training month where you'll be meeting daily with Dan Rose (the CMO), or Mike Naydeck our COO, to learn our advertising methodologies.
Compensation, Benefits And Perks
Health, vision, dental benefits
Generous 401k with up to a 4% company match.
Work out with free access to our company gym. No clients are ever in the gym, we're just working towards our fitness goals in this gym.
Opportunity to learn from our successful Adwords campaigns. You will gain a deep understanding of retargeting or re-marketing using YouTube lists.
10 days paid vacation days per year
5 personal/sick days per year
Tremendous opportunity for raises and promotions as our company continues to grow. As a matter of fact, if you aren't receiving raises you are doing something wrong.
Your initial pay will be dependent on your experience and advertising qualifications. Your pay will be a combination of fixed salary and performance incentives for hitting certain revenue and profitability targets. We will pay you competitively and ensure you're incentivized to produce great results.

How To Apply
Reply to this post by emailing your resume to Mike Naydeck (our COO.) To whom it may concern doesn't work here. We don't have a person named Hiring Manager. We would never respond to you as prospective employee or Random Resume Sender Inner.
Remove all educational qualifications and unpaid internships from your resume, EXCEPT for online marketing qualifications like Google Adwords, Bing, SiteScout or other online focused marketing certifications. This is important. Our COO routinely trashes potentially exceptional resumes that cannot or will not follow this simple instruction. Your educational background is important to you. We understand and respect that. We also value it. This is part of our process. Please respect it.
I will contact you within 5 business days if you've been selected for an interview (if not sooner, as I tend to move quickly).
Thanks for applying, and good luck! I look forward to meeting with you.


Michael Naydeck/ COO